The Challenge!

The Mission College Hack 1.0 challenge is as follows:

Identify a problem you encountered as a student that can be solved with technology (web, mobile, or other), and design a prototype that meets the needs of the user(s).

Examples include:

  • Transportation
  • Book exchange/resale
  • Cheap meals in the vicinity of college
  • Construction notices
  • Childcare Options
  • Any other challenges you can think of…


All participants get a Mission Hack 1.0 T-Shirt, breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Winning teams receive (one per team member, assuming five (5) members:

  • 1st Place: iPad (32GB)
  • 2nd Place: Amazon Echo
  • 3rd Place: Amazon Echo Dot

Prototypes will be judged using the elements below:

Innovation & Problem (5)

  • The team identified and describe a real problem.
  • The idea unique, or a different take on an existing/similar prototype/app/product.
  • The team identified target user(s).
  • The team listed the primary specifications and features of the prototype.

Experience Design/User Interface (5)

  • Prototype looks unified, cohesive, models responsive & universal design, and elements are chunked to show logical relationship
  • The UI looks professional and in context with the problem and user tasks/workflow.
  • The is prototype easy to use, seems like something people would want to buy or use.
  • The prototype presents more than static information.

Technical Design (5)

  • The team documented the primary specifications, and/or feature list of the prototype.
  • The prototype meets the user(s) needs/solves the problem
  • The prototype is functional and has no noticeable bugs.
  • The prototype matches the feature list defined in the product description and specifications.

Pitch/Presentation (5)

  • The team clearly communicates the problem, solution and presents a compelling argument to support the solution they are proposing.
  • The team clearly describes how they will market the prototype and how it will generate revenue.
  • The presentation was well designed and clear; the pitch is specific and to the point.
  • The team’s passion and energy for solving the problem is evident in their pitch delivery.
  • The team appeared cohesive and each clearly served a vital role in the production of the prototype.

Points Possible: 20


1- Needs Improvement.
Minimal work may have been done and the deliverable is very incomplete.

Most requirements are met, but the deliverable is missing pieces.

All requirements are met, but the deliverable may have one or two major areas in need of improvement.

All requirements are met, but the deliverable a may have a few minor areas in need of improvement.